Taking Pictures with “Foreigners”

The process of making this video was quite an enlightening one.

In many countries, natives often asks to take pictures with foreigners because

  1. They probably have been growing up around people who look like them their entire lives.
  2. Foreigners are exotic.
  3. They think that foreigners are audacious because they are traveling in a country which mother tongue is different from theirs.
  4. They think foreigners are “rich”.
  5. They admire foreigners because they can speak in a different language than them.

Is this norm of natives taking pictures with foreigners a harmless one?

  1. Some foreign looking natives (in this case, a person who looks foreign but is a chinese citizen) might feel like they never fit in because of the way they look and always approached like an outsider or given special treatment.
  2. Some natives might feel foreign looking people get better treatment and are even looked up to.

Is this a cultural thing?

Does this affect equality in race?


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