Be Like This Short Film

How the story of BE LIKE THIS came to be :

  1. What motivated me was the short film “Boy” by Lucas Helth Postma.
  2. Due to the lack of asian representation in my field of profession, I wanted to show people that no matter what ethnicity, we all share a common struggle.
  3. I wanted to explore the concept of expressing myself.
  4. Expressing oneself through art is like having experienced something, reflecting on it, and delivering it in a vivid way, closest to what you remember that experience to be. After that, working with a team of creative individuals just as yourself to make your vision into a medium which brings people together in hopes to practice empathy.Concepts I hope to convey :
    1. Sometimes “courage skips a generation”.
    2. Adult’s advice (especially a parent’s) can be extremely influential.
    3. Social pressures in achieving impossible beauty standards.
    4. How eating disorders form.
    5. What is the media trying to promote? A form of Godly Aesthetic Image where we place people who look like that on a pedestal?
    6. Focusing more on understanding and relationships rather than the superficial appearances.
    7. Tradition is not necessarily right.
    8. We improve each generation, and we can teach each other new perspectives rather than being stuck in old ones.
    9. Stigmatisation.I am aware that this film is not perfect, and these messages could be delivered in a different way but just like this short film, I am learning to let go of society’s pressures of being perfect and the pressure I put on myself of being perfect but rather living life one moment at a time. A learning process.

    Thank you Idyllwild Arts Academy and my crew for making this happen. Also, The Idyllwild Film Festival for nominating this short film as “best student short film”.

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