#4 I trust in time

#4 I trust in time



I trust in time,

That we will find our way,

And the skies will stop looking so grey.

That one day we will say hey,

In the best of possible ways.


The time,

To say our love has died, is like

To foresee a death in the family,

Tearing at the thought of it,

Yet preparing for the worst of it.


So now,

I hope, And I pray,

Willing to be disappointment’s prey.

Only because reality can be too jarring,

To be sitting, crying and not trying.


So, in the Meantime,

I trust that time will do us good.

That we will be understood.

For I hope, you’re somewhere out there boo,

Smiling, Thriving, and Thinking of me too.



Chelsea Sik

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