#5 Mother



You didn’t have the words to teach me,

What you wanted to teach me.

But you knew you had to teach me,

Before the world was going to teach me.


All the unforgivable actions,

That was only mentioned in fractions.

And all the unforgettable passings,

That never meant to hurt your feelings.


Yet you’ve been that person,

Who never wants to burden.

Striving to be the best version,

Without even the need of that bourbon.


So I thank you Mother,

For being that person,

That no one dared to be,

Owing to responsibilities,

While planning our activities.


A Mother who holds so dutiful,

No matter how it be stressful.

Makes you most desirable,

As people call you incredible!


And still, You never stop to do your best,

But now, please sit, eat and take a rest.

Let yourself be treated like a guest,

Mom, that is my only request.


And before you go to sleep,

Mama, don’t you ever forget.

That you are like no other,

The world has ever met.

Sincerely love,

Your daughter.

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