#7 Distance




We sit across from one another,

Keeping our gaze undercover.

I hear your pulse fluttering softer.

While deepening that inch of butter.


We would destroy one another.

Even your silhouette possesses power,

I fear your scent might cause my heart an ulcer.

Therefore I run, I get too nervous as your prisoner.


A repeated trepidation triggered by your smile,

And I stop to let my shivers die down for awhile,

Because all I picture is us walking down that aisle.


But I am still drawn to you regardless, and more

Each time I survive you, I add to my score.

This adrenaline rush is more than all the sweets in the store.

And I can’t help but fantasize of getting you in galore.


And still there you are sitting across from me,

Oblivious and just sipping on your tea with glee,

Not a thought of me but only focused on that degree.

So I will gladly keep my secret to me, don’t you agree?


I will keep my distance from you. That’s better.

Act like I don’t see you, so these feelings won’t fester.

Only so I could keep my heart tender,

For someone who would want me forever.


I who still adore you,

Chelsea Sik

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