#9 Midnight

Sometime past midnight.

You said midnight by the fire,

And I don’t want to call you a liar.

But I waited a round the clock; an hour.


The fire grew tire,

The crickets, bearable.

My neck cranking back,

One too many times on

Each crisp of a dead leaf.


And finally time,

Slow danced around me.

As your fingers Sur le cou-de-pied,

On the concave of her minty waist.


An Immobilizing sight,

Harshening my breath,

Warmer and Heavier.


The clearest remaining experience.

Of you.


I thought,

Surely you wouldn’t keep me hanging.


Done right.


Sur le cou-de-pied is a ballet term meaning “on the ‘neck’ of the foot.”

In the wrapped sur le cou-de-pied position, the heel is placed in front of the standing leg, while the sole of the pointed foot is placed “wrapping” around the leg so that the toes are behind the leg and ankle of the standing leg.

Referenced from https://ballethub.com/ballet-term/cou-de-pied-sur-le/

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