#10 I’m good for it

July 2nd, 2018


Helpless to know your belief is absent in me.

But what credit score would it take, for you to trust in me?

Strangers we stand, so I won’t blame you,

But give me a chance, and I’ll never disappoint you.


Even if you think the world is out to get you,

At least know that I am here to defend you.

I’ll keep your secrets safe, I swear to you.

And I’m not asking for reciprocating trust.

But it takes one to know one, so can I trust in you?


And do I sound like a counterfeit,

Pretentious in my rhyme of speech?

But that’s how desperate I’ve stooped,

Just to explain to you.


I’m good for it.



Don’t lose hope in people,

Not just yet.



– Chelsea Sik

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