#11 Dad

June 10 – Aug 14, 2018

To my fiercest protector, supporter and defender.

To the best person I know.


The first awake before dawn,

And the last returned after dusk.


The person built with the integrity of steel,

And the raw compassion of the heart.



Refraining to mutter the answer “no”,

Would hurt your back to carry me once more.

Broadening my view before you hit the floor.

Showing me a bigger world than you were shown before.



I cannot fathom the deeds I’ve done,

To receive a father so unconditional.

But I can only try to say I’m thankful,

Without getting so damn emotional.



Thank you,


Speaking up for me when I am lost for words.

Teaching me forgiveness when I was lacking love.

Believing in me when I myself lost hope.

And showing me devotion when I start to stray.


It is indeed an unfair world,

That I can have this day with thee.

So Happy Father’s Day to You.

The King, My Majesty.


With the highest honor,


Your daughter.

Chelsea Sik.

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