Street Scene

It was truly an honor to be part of this ensemble in telling the story of Street Scene by Elmer Rice.

This story has inspired me to examine the concept of belonging. It has allowed me to observe the expectations and disappointments one has for the other. Ranging from which culture is superior, to how the entitlement we have over people and objects can result in violence.

This “slice of life” has made me realize that problems which occurred many years ago are still prevalent today. Still, it proves difficult for people to listen with an open heart when their convictions are being challenged. That being said, traditions and perceptions are hard to change.

Part of our fulfillment as human beings is feeling a sense of belonging, and while having a sense of belonging can make us feel comfortable and loved, it  can also cause us great pain in the vein of betrayal when boundaries are breeched.

Elmer Rice explored the idea that maybe if we as people entertained the idea of not belonging to anybody, however sharing one another instead, there might be more peace and acceptance in the world.

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