#13 Love is Easy

Love is easy


Again, the wrinkles on my fingertips

Remind me of my failure

To unlove you.


You were the water that

I bathed in for too long.

You were the essence of my life.

The thing that kept me alive.


These shrivels,

They lingered.

For when I had you

I said nothing.

No words of feeling.


For audacity it takes

To share one’s secret.

To say to the one

“You have my heart.”


To let the all powerful


That they are all powerful.


I feared to be threatened.

              Them pulling away.

Leaving me with

Not even my own secrets to keep

But the absence of their warmth,

And the shadows of their memory.


That love was a push and pull.


Like a Tug of War,

You never knew who was going to win

Except. I did.

I was the loser,

I was made sure to know

“No one fucks with me”.


I trembled with withdrawal, thirst.

As the river I stored up for so long

Flowed out through the windows of my soul.


I longed for water.


But in this desert you left me.

                 I found the ease in life.

                                      The fullness of love.


Love was to be easy.


How the Sun rises and the Moon glows.

How the Clouds gather, and the Wind blows.

The Ocean reflecting the Sky.

And the Flowers blooming in Springtime.


Love, does not need to be forced.

It is a natural phenomenon.

For if you wake the sun,

Or try to catch the moon.

You will only lose or get burnt.


So if unrequited love is too unbearable.

Know that real love, true love

Will come easy.

So open your heart baby,

For the sun will rise again tomorrow,

And the moon will follow.


Love waits to love you.


Open heartedly,

Plump and smooth fingertips.

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