Keeping it short

Yes they say they listen

Sure they say they’re there

They say I love you

And they seem to care.


But every time we glance.

We keep it short and give hope

“Yea Let’s hang soon alright? Yea”

Only the next text response

“Ah, sorry I can’t make it” 


Its chill.


And I believe you

Mean what you breathe

But like a servant taking orders

I try to keep it short.


Yes, No, Um, Good.

Love spelled with a U

You spelled with a U


So much content

So little time

Microsoft said 8 seconds, 

the average attention span.

So say it in 280 characters or less.

Maybe for eyes 60 seconds or less.


And I love you.

Like I. L.o.v.e. Y.o.u.


But I cut short my stories

When I’m with you.

Only include bullet points.

Fast, Loud, Makes an impact.



I fight it.

I know I’m worth the time.

Longer than a quickie.

21 years of life.


Still, terrified of losing

Your attention.

I keep it short.

So you won’t have to say

I’m full

And just like that

Moves on

To the next content.


So times up

I’ve spoken too long

But I hope you at least

Remember my 8 seconds.

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