Plan B

Take a pill

Let your worries peel

Smoke slow for the night

And frolic before the day


Plan A, No Plan B’s

Plan A, Not you

Plan A, No hurting you


Plan A 

Holding no ground


Plan A


No fences,

No scarecrows,

No boundaries,


For generations


My Plan A made way

For your Plan A

turning to

Plan Bs

planting guilt

I, the soil 

You, the seed.


Letting the soil be 

Stepped on,


Raped of its nutrients,

So the innocent seeds can 

exhale hallelujah

For it’s unburdened stay.


Letting her sur face

Grow redder with each





Until her roots

Shoot from the

Insides of her core

Forming an impenetrable crust

Of dignified protection


Tougher than 


Sharper than


Towering over

Great Walls


Hell Gates


Every misstep

Into dust.


Plan A, her crust

Thicken from mistrust

Plan B, her core

Probed till sore

Only blaming

Her view of

The giving tree

Rooted in soil for free

Seeing that it made

That little boy

Very happy.


Either way

She was never the tree

Nor the boy.

She was the soil


the weight of the world

A royal duty,

to return soft and supple

sturdy and grounded

An endless preparation

For growth.

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